#Day20, weighing in at 197.6! With less than a week left, I can’t tell you how excited I am about this whole process. Opting to do the 26 Day Intense Weight Loss Kit was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life! 73 pounds lighter, more knowledgeable about food & what I put into my body- you really can’t beat that! I’m excited for #P3 coming up next week! :)

To order your 26 Day Intense Weight Loss Kit, visit www.totallifechanges.com/delaydeedivine and enter in Rep ID #2727511. It’s an opportunity that you can’t miss! What do you have to lose, other than the weight?
Now that I’ve gotten a significant amount of weight gone, I wanted to do some toning. I’m trying “that crazy wrap thing” and seeing how well it works for me! I believe it will though… I can feel something working… Lol! #itworks #wraps
Just got my Antares Adornments from @antares1986 and I love them! Gotta admit I was nervous about posting this selfie, but what the heck, ya know? I’ve come pretty far! Lol! You all should check her out at antaresadornments.bigcartel.com and get your very own waist beads! 

Not only that, here’s to commemorate 72 pounds lost! I’m stoked! 170 is right around the corner!
*squealing & fangirling* OMG! 198.2! #Day19 weigh in, you’ve definitely surprised me! I’m freaking out right now, because I haven’t been under 200 since I was younger! YAY! #26dayintenseweightloss  #26dayintenseweightlosskit #HCG To get your kit, visit www.totallifechanges.com/delaydeedivine and enter Rep ID #2727511 :)
#Day18 and I’m so close! I haven’t been less than 200 since I was a kid, so to know that it’s right there in my reach… Man, I’m STOKED! #170hereIcome! #26dayintenseweightlosskit
Yahoo! 200.4! Keep on coming down, baby! #170hereIcome #26dayintenseweightlosskit
Ladies & gents, if you want to see a change like this, I personally would recommend you get the 26 Day Intense Weight Loss Kit. It can be done! 
www.totallifechanges.com/delaydeedivine & enter Rep ID #2727511
Lol! These posts get later and later, but I’m busy hatching up something. You guys are gonna love it! But yeah… I’m closing in on that 200 pound mark! #26dayintenseweightloss #26dayintenseweightlosskit #170hereIcome
I’m not headed backwards- just doing the cha-cha! #quotesIlove #neededthis
Hipster mode: activated! Lol! I had to get a picture of this delicious salad. I’m opting for fresh food for the remainder of the remainder of this cycle, simply because it’s what my body craves. It’s not a requirement, but it is an option. I do much better when eating like this. #HCG #HCGdiet #26dayintenseweightloss #26dayintenseweightlosskit
No truer words have been spoken. Anything I do is for me, myself, and I. I’ve have enough of being influenced by outside opinions. 2014 is about being influenced by none other than myself. #focused #determined
Late with the #weighin, but it’s been a crazy busy day. So much to do, so little time! Everything is coming along nicely though. Stay tuned! It’s gonna be GREAT! #26dayintenseweightloss #day14
It’s been a LONG day… Productive, but long. Lol
#tbt My brother & me. My best friend since ‘91. Love you punkin!
#NowListeningTo  “Ruthless Aggression” -Y.R Generation (ft. Hotep & Sincere). Check ‘em out at https://soundcloud.com/yrgeneration ! I’m gonna be getting my T-shirt from their store (yrgeneration.dizzyjam.com) in the VERY near future. <3